Saturday, January 8, 2011

working smarter: using the data to identify opportunity

Census shows minorities moving outward, whites closer to Loop - Chicago Sun-Times

i spent almost a year away from head wear to jump back into a familiar realm. data collection and project management. i dabbled in head wear, however it was a pretty intense assignment, managing a team of fourteen HUNdRED people during the decennial census. the data we collected was delivered to the president and now the data is being released to the public. i love that i get to see this from both sides...the collection process (and its authenticity, if not, at times, a dangerous endeavor) and the application of said data.

how do i intend to use the data? strategy, my friends. as i contemplate the NEXT, i am weighing in the now. what is happening within my community? my very big chicago community. can i leverage my business endeavors in this economy and in this community? do the needs of this communiity support my need for growth? i have no shortage of ideas to grow my business...or at least ideas that perpetuate the creative process. uh, in a financially healthy way. twentyten was full of peaks and valleys. i am bringing gear for the climb in twentyeeleven. this is the reality of a small creative design business.

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