Thursday, January 31, 2013

How to Wear a Headscarf; World Hijab Day

Friday, 1 February 2013 is the first annual World Hijab Day.  A hijab is the headscarf worn by Muslim women, often a veil that covers the face except for the eyes, customarily worn in order to maintain standards of modesty.  

From BBC News:  "For many people, the hijab is a symbol of oppression and divisiveness. It's a visible target that often bears the brunt of a larger debate about Islam in the West.  World Hijab Day is designed to counteract these controversies. It encourages non-Muslim women (or even Muslim women who do not ordinarily wear one) to don the hijab and experience what it's like to do so, as part of a bid to foster better understanding."  Read more about World Hijab Day on BBC News here.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the hijab and the Muslim women who wear them as well as for me, as head wear designer, to demonstrate a way to wear a beautiful headscarf.  No religion here, just pretty scarves.  There are so many ways to wear headscarves and this is one of my favorites:

- I like to use a large square scarf about 3' x 3'
- fold it into a triangle
- drape the long side of the triangle across your forehead with the tail of the triangle at the back of your head
- grab the two long ends and wrap around your head as many times as necessary and tuck the ends into the layers
- tuck the point of the triangle at the back of your head over the layers to secure (or add a brooch)!
- an alternative finish is to create a rosette, as shown in this image from, low at the neckline.  lovely!

And check out designer, Rabia Z, and her video, for ways to create beautiful, more traditional styles, with the hijab!

+Rabia Z
+Tonya Gross Millinery
+World Hijab Day

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